Four partners with profound professional experience

The partners have many years of experience in the finance industry. Thanks to excellent Swiss qualifications enhanced by the experience of working in international financial centres, the partners have already weathered several stock market crises and successfully protected client assets in demanding times.


Location Switzerland – An island of political stability at the heart of Europe


The finance industry, an all-important pillar of the economy

Some of the oldest companies are in fact asset managers and credit institutions. The world’s oldest bank was established in 1472, the very year in which the first written reference to William Tell appeared.


A country with many advantages
Around the world, the finance sector is in a state of upheaval. Despite this, Switzerland still offers many advantages; a structured education system, strict banking regulations, solid client confidentiality and impressive political stability, and no significant public debt. Few other countries can match these attributes.


A powerful financial centre – high level of expertise
The effects on our nation would be devastating if this sector were to come to a standstill. For this reason, education, training and knowledge transfer within the finance industry remain as important for our country as its political stability. A highly-developed infrastructure, our central location in Europe and outstanding language skills all help to maintain Switzerland’s position as the market leader in financial services.


"Tell" – an expression of integrity

Independence – reliability - accuracy
For Swiss citizens, William Tell still represents a number of virtues that have become rare in our profession: strength, security, honesty, courage and a determination to bow to no man. These are values that we aspire to.


People come first
At Tell & Partner AG, these values have inspired us to put clients at the centre of our business; identifying, defending and implementing your requirements with foresight despite the current flood of regulations.


Our logo
Our logo is made of a curvy “T” for “Tell” that also forms a bow and taut arrow, framed by a circle, the symbol of unity and protection, as well as infinite motion, the logo expresses our company culture aptly.